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F10 samostatná čtečka otisku prstu

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F10 je somastatný sezor nebo lze napojit k F4 vista jako externi scanner. Product Introduction F10 is a fingerprint reader produced by suncom specifically for the Access Control .Its remarkable advantage is that it can match with most of the access controllers on the market ,inland or abroad, It supports Wiegand 26-64 output ,and integrates special access control software which can be upload, download, delete and wiegand products ,all input /output are using anti-jamming protection and over-voltage/circuit protection. The product experiences the strict degradation test before leaving factory ,high stability the main feature.
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Benefits: · Support wiegand 26 or user-defined format, match most of door access controller · External connected with IC/ID reader.Card+ Fingerprint validation mode for currentreader · Adopt Biokey 2007 latest algorithm and intel32 bits processor · Option for built in Mifare reader or EM reader , it can deal with 3000 fingerprint templates , no matter good or poor quality, within only 1 second. · Adopt solid, durable, anti-static optical sensor · user-defined ID No, easy to manage · Standard RS485 connection, RS 232 or TCP/IP as auxiliary communication port · Support u are u sensor or F10 for collecting fingerprint template · Stability protection: reset switch, hardware watchdog, communication setting initialization by hardware, anti-over voltage and over current protection. · Dismantle alarm TTL output · Convenient DB15 connection Applicable Wiegand manage software for fingerprint enrollment, download, upload, deletion Benefits: Version Name Type Note Standard Standard fingerprint reader F10 Standard version With in-built ID module Fingerprint reader with in-built ID module F10-ID600 Template capacity : 600,support 1:1 and 1:N F10-ID5000 Template capacity : 5000,support 1:1 F10-ID8000 Template capacity : 8000,support 1:1 With in-build Mifare module Fingerprint reader with in-built IC module F10-SMART Infinite capacity,support 1:1 Technical Specification Terms Content Wiegand input and output provide a standard wiegand26 or user-defined format to controller, accept the wiegand26 input, that is, a ID card reader could connect toit directly Capacity of the templates Standard version 600 templates The version With in-built ID module 600/5000/8000 templates(three options) The version with in-build Mifare module Infinite capacity Verification mode Standard version 1:1 or 1:N, support only fingerprint The version with ID card When 600 templates, 1:1or 1:N, support only fingerprint, card+fingerprint, only card The version with ID card When 5000/8000 templates, 1:1, support card+ fingerprint Communication ways TCP/IP as backup Default IP address: RS-485 Default baud rate:38400, device number:1, port:COM1 Sensor Type Optical Resolution 500DPI Display Indication Power indicator,dual-color LED Identification Speed speed<2 sec Technical spec FAR?0.0001%, FFR?1% Alarm Dismantle alarm TTL (transistor-transistor logic) output for alarm Configuration Intel32bit processor, 2007 version algorithm Power 12V DC, currency under idle status<50mA, wording currency<400mA Operation environment Temperature 0?-45? Humidity 20%-80% Software Management software of fingerprint reader Size 130×58×62mm
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